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  1. Interview for the post of Market Analyst at Futures First-

    “You should attempt maximum questions. There were 30 questions to solve in 5 minutes in 1st round written. And in 2nd round written, there were 30 questions, containing 2 sections of 15 questions. There was sectional cut off as well as overall.”

  2. Interview for the post of Market Analyst at Futures First-

    “Just go through BODMAS for 1st round of written and then prepare from Arun Sharma for 2nd round of written. In interview don't try to manipulate the things.”

  1. Interview for the post of Market Analyst at Futures First-

    How did you apply to Futures First?
    Campus Recruitment

    Selection Procedure

    • Aptitute Test: <30 Minutes  : Hard
    • Interview  : 30 - 60 Minute : Very Hard

    Aptitude Test

    • Quantitative (Maths Questions)
    • Comprehension (Passage)
    • Logical reasoning
    • Data Interpretation
    • Others
  1. Interview for the post of Market Analyst at Futures First-

    Resume based questions, Technical questions, Logical Puzzles, Extracurricular activities

    Tricky Question
    You are good at technical then why you would like to join financial sector companies?

    Technical Subjects

    Technical Question
    They asked me to explain all the thermodynamic processes inside engine.

    Were you asked about your project?


Did you Know?

  1. A Business Analytics Associate said-

    Switching Options – Most people stay in the company. Rest move to higher studies and most come back. Still, Google analytics, Novartis, Roche would be a few switching option to name

    Average working hours –12

    Technologies used - SQL, SAS, Teradata, Informatica, Excel

    Do many people from ZS Associates go for higher studies?

Things I Love about ZS Associates

  1. A Business Analytics Associate said-

    Discipline is followed in Work. Everyone from low to high level work on the project. Highly talented peergroup. Free Food/Cab pick-up and drop. Opportunities to go abroad. Managers are good and help when needed. Team members are friendly.

  2. A Business Technology Associate said-

    Good learning opportunities. Good Work Culture. Opportunities to go abroad. Talented people around

Things I don't like about ZS Associates

  1. A Business Analytics Associate said-

    Promotion is after 2-3 years at each level till consultant level and then 3-4 years to manager and higher. Actual in-hand salary is quite less as compared to the CTC they quote. Work/life balance

  2. A Business Technology Associate said-

    In Hand salary is not that great. No work/life balance. Location of the company.

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